The Lives of Others

02-binge-watching-too-much-tv-slLately, I’ve been noticing how interested I am in knowing what other people are experiencing, thinking, feeling and doing. Living vicariously through the online sharing of others and wanting to knock on closed doors simply to find out if that place is better than the place I currently am.

And in the noticing of this, I’ve started to come back to my own personal experience in the space and time that is manifested in front of my senses, around my body.

And in doing that, I’ve noticed a reduction in stress and feelings of unfulfilment, and a deepening of calm, peace, gratitude and contentment; and more of a proactive interest in what can be done in my current physical environment and my possible future personal life.

Now, it seems to me that focusing on my own life instead of focusing on the lives of others is a more surefire way to live a life full of entertaining first-hand experiences, instead of relying on our thrills from the many fictions broadcast daily on the nearly-omnipresent screens in our lives. So, I’m gonna experiment with cutting out other people’s stories (films, tv, computer games, facebook, instagram, etc.) to see how it improves the quality of my own life.


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