Seeking Approval

Why seek opinion or approval?

If you become dependent on others’ opinions and approval, you may lose touch with your own inner compass, your intuition, your inspiration, your enthusiasm, your love. 

Another’s opinion is based on their experience, not yours. Their lives might be a mess. They may have hidden agendas. They may not have your best interest at heart. And even if they do, they don’t know what’s best for you. They don’t know what your unique life path has in store. 

And as for approval… You are born worthy. Your birth is Life’s approval of you existing in the world, and you never become any less worthy in the eyes of Life. Personal approval is a judgement based on limited information and temporary thoughts and feelings. Don’t base your sense of self or worthiness on the incomplete assessment of another. 

The best way to navigate life is to tune in to your Being in the moment. You will be moved. All is well. ❤️️

This is just an opinion. 😁


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