It’s all about what you think is going to happen

Looking at a person you’re attracted to when they’re not looking at you, what you think will happen if they see you looking at them determines your reaction when they do look at you looking at them.

Your reaction might be to look away if you think they will:

  • scowl at you.
  • give out to you.
  • realise you find them attractive (when you don’t want that).
  • approach you (if you’re shy).

Your reaction might be to smile at them if you:

  • are not shy.
  • think they will find you attractive also.
  • were hoping for a chance to engage with them.
  • are already friends with them.

Looking away can be a sign that you feel unworthy of their attention or affection. Smiling at them may be a sign that you have good self-esteem.

There are always exceptions to rules, and you can’t tell what a person’s reaction to you looking at them admiringly will be, although you keep making educated (sometimes foolish) guesses, but how will you know if you’re right if you keep looking away?

It’s just a question, although I can see how it might read as a challenge. Feel out each situation on a moment by moment basis. Don’t rely on your preconceived notions of what’s going on or going to happen.


One comment

  1. I think this is really true. The way you think something will play out effects how you react, which in turn effects how the situation will play out. it’s all about looking at the glass half full.

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