I Have Enough

The greatest gift I took from many years as an actor is the ability to believe in imaginary circumstances, or at least to entertain the notion that I am experiencing a particular state or set of experiences. So, when I read a quote from Eckhart Tolle about how the mind exists in a state of “not enough” and so is always greedy for more, I took it upon myself to experiment with the belief that “I have enough.”

What happened is that I immediately entered a state of peace and calm and fulfillment. The need for more and the fear of not having enough fell away, and whenever my focus fell upon a new area of my life (e.g. relationships, physical energy, food, etc.), this feeling of “I have enough” infused and diffused these ingrained desires and fears, and left me feeling like I had more to offer other people. It’s a lovely way to be.

And for the mind that might say, “Contentment leads to inaction and inaction leads to the collapse of civilization,” I will remind you that a peaceful mind is more receptive to inspiration; and the belief “I have enough” is more likely to lead to the completion of inspired actions, while the belief “I don’t have enough” stifles any attempt to do anything.

Why not try it for yourself? Take a moment, take a breath, and tell yourself “I have enough.” It doesn’t have to be forever, but by doing it fully for even one moment, it may change your life forever.








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