Accepting Vs. Taking / Offering Vs. Forcing Upon


Accepting a sharing from someone, or trying to take from them?

Paying close attention and being completely honest in your assessment, notice the difference between accepting someone’s sharing and trying to take from them. It can be easier to recognise when it is someone else trying to take something from you that you weren’t offering to them. However, if you are observant enough and honest enough, you may notice yourself trying to take what has not been offered: be it a person’s time and attention, affection, home, food, weed, alcohol, influence, etc.

Likewise, notice the difference between offering something and forcing something upon. Again, it can be easier to recognise when you’re the one being forced upon, but this kind of manipulation can be quite subtle, so practice listening to your gut feeling, your intuition.

Also, notice your own habits of manipulation or allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. Then, learn to love and respect yourself and others enough to not take part in such interactions, on either side.

Embrace your response-ability. Love, honour and respect. Ask directly. Answer directly. Express yourself. 



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