Don’t Chase The Future

 In The FlowLife is a journey, not a destination. Where you are now is as valuable as where you hope to be when you have “achieved this” or “become that”. Think of travelling in a foreign country. How your awareness is focused so much more on what is present in your environment. All the newness. All the excitement. All the adventure. Well, all of life is like this. It’s just that sometimes we think we’ve seen this moment before. There is so much that is the same that we miss what is different. We miss the magic in the moment.

Also, when we are so focused on getting out of “here” and arriving “there”, we forget the fact that we can only move towards “there” by going through more moments of “here”. In fact, it’s not that you ever actually reach “there”, it’s just that your “here” becomes more like the “there” you imagined – but you are only ever “here”. So “here” is actually your destination – “here” reshaped. When you grasp this, you can see that the journey and the destination are one – the journey is the destination. So enjoy every moment of being here, knowing that it is an integral part of your entire journey.

It’s okay to have dreams and goals and desires, and it’s okay to take steps towards these goals, just don’t miss the magic in the moment thinking that if you push forward enough you’ll one day leave where you are and arrive where you’ve imagined yourself being. Changes will come – they’ll come to you. This moment of now will transform and keep on transforming like a river flowing through you and around you. Let your intuition guide your interaction with this moment, to help you to be in the flow that your heart’s desires are making their way towards you along.

You don’t have to leave now for the future to arrive. It will arrive regardless. So enjoy what is while it is because when it’s gone it’s gone, and you can’t turn back the river of time.


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