How To Succeed with New Year’s Resolutions


* Breaking an old habit is best done by making a new habit. Making a new habit takes a consistency of effort. Effort takes effort, so decide upon something you are sure you can do every single day for a whole month even when you don’t want to, e.g. doing 10 sun salutations.

* The general rule is that it takes 30 days in a row of repetition to create a habit, which is why consistency is so important. Let even 1 day go by without strengthening the new habit through practice and you corrupt the new pathways in your brain, taking you right back to day 1 of 30.

* If you want to give up something, give yourself a goal of giving it up for one month, and then take it one decision at a time. When the opportunity/urge shows up, simply make a different choice, one moment at a time.

* If there are many changes you would like to make, make one at the start of each month, dedicating every day of that month to consistently strengthening this one new habit. This is much more likely to lead to success than trying to do too much at once, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and a collapsing of all effort.

* One new habit at a time, one month at a time, one day at a time, one opportunity at a time.

* I wish you commitment and easy success. If you fall off the horse or the wagon, get right back on and start again. 🙂



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