Transcending Relationship Troubles


Relationship troubles are just a drama that you project, a story that you project onto experiences, interactions. You’ve built up identities around relationships, built up relationships around common experiences. People interact, they communicate a desire to see each other more, to spend time together more, to share themselves sexually and emotionally and mentally and physically in a non-sexual way, to share experiences. They make a contract with each other, a contract to fulfil these things, this task list of experiences, of orchestrating these experiences, of controlling the flow of life in order to adhere to the contract; which seems like fulfilling the relationship goals of spending time together, supporting each other, having a sexual relationship, spending time apart to a certain degree (from co-dependency to long-distance relationships), but it’s just ideas about who you are, identification and then role-playing and trying to control life.

Imagine not identifying with any idea of who you are, and so not role-playing, not trying to control the flow of life. How would that be?


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