The Beautiful Origin of Jealousy

It seems to me that jealousy begins its life as admiration, and it’s only when the idea of competition for limited resources ignites the fear of losing out (and ultimately dying) that it transforms into jealousy.

If people knew the truth about who they really are, they would see how silly the idea of competition is, but the illusions of the mind can be very convincing, and a lifetime of self-hypnosis can take some time to unravel.

It can also disappear in a moment: the present moment – a moment of presence.

Emotions arise as a response to either your present moment experience or a thought. Thoughts are not real. Look at the perceivable facts of the present moment without painting them with speculation. Look without thoughts. Look without knowledge. How simple life is. How fulfilling the present moment is. How perfect you are right now.

Life moves, and you (being one with Life) move and flow and change and feel and experience and express, and anything can happen in the constantly changing temporary world of experience. This moment will never be again. Don’t waste it by trying to figure it out with the mind. The most fulfilment can be found by simply Being.



p.s. Intuition will guide your actions, if you are still enough and silent enough to perceive it.



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