I Want Happiness!


The first time I saw this comic, I didn’t want to get it. I didn’t want to get rid of my “I” and I didn’t want to get rid of my desire, even with the promise of happiness. They felt like such big parts of my identity, and I didn’t understand how I could be happy if I wasn’t “Me”.

Here’s what I have since learned:

First, remove “I”. That’s ego.

So much of human suffering comes from identifying with an idea of who you are, who you were, who you could be and who you should be. This is based on both your own conditioned beliefs about yourself and others’ opinions of you. That’s the “I” most people speak of when referring to themselves – that “I”dea.

The real you is not an idea, and when you stop identifying with the transient, conceptual self, you get to know your true self in all its blissful presence.

Then, remove “want”. That’s desire.

The other main factor connected with human suffering is a resistance to what is, and a desire for something other than what is to be. Wishing the past had been different and the future will be a certain way takes your attention away from the perfection of the present moment.

When you release the desire for things to be different, along with the mind’s resistance to the present moment, you discover the total fulfilment your true self feels here, now, and always.

Then, all you are left with is Happiness.

This is true. Everything is perfect. There are no problems. There is no suffering, identification or attachment. In fact, there is no self. All there is is an appreciative awareness of the moment. All there is is what is, and it is so completely fulfilling that there is no desire for anything else.

This does not mean that you will sit around doing nothing, necessarily. Simply that your actions will stem more from LOVE and inspiration than from fear and obligation.

The mind will keep trying to get you to identify with thoughts and feelings, desires and stories of how you and life are not already perfect. And your character will continue its habitual, conditioned thinking and behaviour regardless of whether or not you identify with it. That’s okay. Let it. When you don’t identify with it, you don’t give away your power to it and it fades into the background, leaving only Happiness.

That’s what most people are searching for, and what most people don’t realise they already are. 🙂

Here are two videos to help you with this:


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