Are you lying to yourself about Love?

In general, when you think of a loved one, do you think of them in terms of what they provide you with: affirmation, security, companionship, intimacy, etc.?

Or do you generally feel an abundance of appreciation and an interest in supporting them, with no desire for anything in return?

True Love is radiant. It shines out from the deepest part of you and isn’t dependant on the actions of another.

Egoic love is needy, greedy and possessive. It’s more concerned with what it can get from people than what it can give them. It believes your happiness depends on some outside source, and it wants to maintain that at all costs.

Are you fooling yourself into believing you truly love someone, when in fact you’re just using them?

Only True Love is stable, and it comes from your True Self. Connect in with the most stable part of yourself in the still awareness of your being and you will enjoy a love like no other. A love that will never leave.


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