How would you date yourself?


My friend, who is also single, told me of a question she asked herself the other day: What if I was my own lover?

My immediate thought was to explain the concept of masturbation to her, but her next question clarified what she meant: How would you treat yourself if you were going out with someone, but that someone was you?

In her own case she said she’d cook nicer dinners, buy herself presents that she wouldn’t normally have indulged in, give herself things she’d been wanting to have for ages, etc. It sounded great, and made me want to try it out.

(She’s also retraining her inner voice to be more supportive. Brilliant!) πŸ™‚

That’s what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks, but I thought it was such an important idea for single people to know, that I wanted to share it right away.

You deserve a partner as loving as you can be. Treat yourself as you deserve to be treated, with love and appreciation expressed through heartfelt gestures and supportive comments.

Self-appreciation and is an important aspect of self-love. I believe it would do us all good to practice it.




  1. I agree completly! Not just in gifts and senuasal pleasures, but how I speak to myself and how I present/introduce myself to others: all as if I’m my own lover. smart friend you have there. πŸ˜‰

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