Try This Naked

Try This Naked

The next time you see yourself naked (maybe after a nice hot bath or shower), look at your body (in a full length mirror if possible) and realise: “This is actually what the ideal human form is supposed to look like, proportions and all. Fancy that! What I used to believe (and what so many still mistakenly believe) about how the perfect human body might look is incorrect; and here I am, the perfect specimen. God’s (soon-to-be-recognised) gift. No work needs to be done. No changes need to be made. Simply perfect.” 🙂

I know no better remedy for a negative self-image than this. 😉



  1. How timely! ..and healing…
    i have to be honest, i come with a whole background of not seeing not only me/my true goodness, but also completely abusing the fact that this goodness is in OTHER men and OTHER women too… Recently, while contemplating on my relationship with physique< i recounted numerous occasions of disrespect and bullying I did towards young boys when I was a teenager (calling them fat, hitting them to show them my power, telling them what in my opinion was physically wrong with them)
    … At the time I thought this was just some fun.. At the time this was my truth…
    But now I know – this was just a reflection of how hard I was on myself, how much I was COMPARING myself JUST TO EARN LOVE..

    thank you P

    • You’re welcome. 🙂

      It’s very common for people to try to make themselves feel better by making other people seem worse. “Well, at least I’m better than them.” A more loving path to feeling good about yourself is to recognise how flawless you really are. Acceptance and appreciation are key.

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