Now That I’m Older

ElephantsMost (if not all) people experience an event in their childhood that feels traumatic. This may be something that the adults around them don’t see as a big deal and may not even notice, but for the child, with their fragile mind, it impacts very deeply and will stay with them all the way into adulthood. This event conditions the child’s beliefs in the same way that a elephant can be conditioned to believe that a rope tied to a wooden stake in the ground is stronger than they are. This is true while the elephant is only an infant, but the conditioning is so strong that even when the elephant grows big enough to pull the rope and stake out of the ground with ease, it doesn’t believe that it can, and so doesn’t even attempt it.

This is an important point and one that you can use to overcome old conditioning and heal past hurts. The trick I suggest is to allow an event that was traumatic for you as a child to come to mind, then look at it with the eyes of an adult. Imagine your adult self in that situation and allow all of your life experience and wisdom to come into play as you mentally re-enact the scenario. You will quickly see that you are much more capable of protecting and expressing yourself now than when you were a child, and you can easily bring the situation to a new conclusion. This will be very comforting to your inner child and will help to heal that old wound and change the rest of your life for the better.

I wish you all the love and light you need for this.



  1. totally! ..also when you allow yourself to immerse into the pain/shame/embarrassment/hatered/anger/humiliation..or any other strong TRAPPED emotion from the past times… if you wait/observe/breathe into it/dive into it/send it your accepting attention/sit with it/dance with it… after a while, once you are kind and patient with yourself, it will show you the ‘nothingness’ of it & the beautiful lesson of it..
    PS On Sunday I danced with my feeling of disrespect for the first time.. (self-disrespect and consequently dis-respect towards others & their needs) .Space facilitated by Carol @ Soul Sunday

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