Gratitude is the Key

Gratitude is the Key

Some people believe the events in their life are out of their control, and others believe they have the power to manifest their wildest dreams. Whatever you believe, here is something that will benefit you. Whether you are working with the Law of Attraction or working on non-attachment, one of the main keys for a fulfilling life is an attitude of gratitude. 🙂

Whether you are consciously trying to change the course of your life or consciously giving up the need for control, gratitude will help:

  • In terms of the Law of Attraction, writing out a gratitude list and really feeling the emotions of appreciation sends a powerful energetic signal out into the field of pure potentiality, which in turn attracts “like” energies – experiences that promote more feelings of gratitude to match those you’re already radiating.
  • In terms of giving up the need to control your life and simply living in the now, accepting things as they are, gratitude is the difference between enjoying the play of Life and wishing there was an interval. Acceptance itself brings about a level of gratitude, but it can also be cultivated consciously.

So, whatever way you choose to interact with Life, ask yourself often: “What is good about Now?” 🙂




  1. another great article, for me its like getting gentle reminders of what we know, I look forward to the book, I think it would be a best seller. We all need reminding from time to time and a different perspective also helps

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