This Meditation Could Change Your Life

Being aware of the body, you are not the body. Being aware of thoughts, you are not thought. Being aware of feelings, you are not feelings. Being aware of movement, you are not movement. You are not what comes and goes. What are you?

Notice that your breath moves without your help. Notice that your senses operate without any effort from you. Notice that thoughts arise of their own accord, either through conditioning or inspiration. Notice that feelings arise effortlessly, as a result of thought or spontaneously without thought.  Notice that actions arise as a result of either your thoughts or absent-mindedly. Notice that perception simply occurs. There is no effort needed at all. Simply be.

The meditation in this video could change your life if you get what is being pointed to. Don’t try too hard to get it, simply allow it to get you; and don’t worry if it doesn’t happen first time. It will.



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