What Integrity Feels Like

ImageAs I wrote about in Mirror Mirror of Us All, my desire used to be stronger than my integrity and it made me choose things that were not what was best for me or the situation at large. I’m not talking about trying to be nice or good. I’m talking about intuitive decisions and inspired actions.

Sometimes a desire to gain approval from others (a kiss, a smile, a promotion, etc.) drags you away from what’s best or right for all involved. What’s right for each person is as individual as each person, so the advice I give is to learn what feels aligned with your deeper self at the core of your being. Alignment with this is what integrity feels like. There is a flow of energy that is worth following, and if you become still enough, you can feel when you’re going with the flow and when you’re fighting the current.

It doesn’t matter what others say, and it doesn’t matter what your intellect says, listen to your inner knowing, and honour it. That is what works best for me; what leaves me feeling: “No matter what happens, I did what was best, and I can rest easy in the knowing of that.”

That might be saying yes to an offer or opportunity. That may be saying no to a relationship or friendship. The main thing to remember is that your own feeling of integrity is far more satisfying than any outside approval we may crave.

Hopefully this helps you as much as it is helping me. 😉


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