How to Attract THE RIGHT Romantic Relationship


(or How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship – Part 2)

Putting into practice what I wrote about in How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship, I almost instantly attracted a wonderful new romantic relationship into my life. However, a few days after meeting her, convinced that it was progressing incredibly well, I found out she had a boyfriend – a fact I was really surprised she hadn’t mentioned previously.

It made me realise something was missing from my Manifestation Practice… DETAILS.

Now, I know that it can be unwise to get caught up in details when working with The Law of Attraction because it closes off doors and hence opportunities for experience and manifestation. However, some details are worth mentioning. For example: I would like to attract a partner who is AVAILABLE to have a romantic relationship with me.

So, add this following practice to the rest of the How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship practices and the Universe should get the right message this time.

LIST IMPORTANT QUALITIES (such as being available):

  • Write out a list of your past romantic partners.
  • Beside their names, write out a list of the qualities you liked about them, such as playful, sexy, intelligent, faithful, gorgeous, etc.
  • You can also add people you’ve been attracted to, even if the attraction wasn’t reciprocated, as long as you can generate the positive feelings you felt for them then in this moment now.
  • As you do this, you’ll start to form an emotionally-charged image of your ideal romantic partner. This is a very powerful magnet, so the next two steps are very important.
  • Thinking about the qualities your past partners lacked (in your eyes/for your needs), add those important qualities to your list. A way to help you think of these extra qualities is to think of the negative qualities your past partners had, figure out what the opposite of each of those qualities is, and write these positive qualities on your list (e.g. the opposite of stingy is generous).
  • Okay, so now that you’ve been specific (hopefully NOT TOO SPECIFIC, such as 6’1″ with mousy brown hair), you can spend a little time enjoying the feeling that you’ll get when this perfect partner comes into your life… once you’ve made space for them, of course (see Part 1). Then, let go and enjoy what is.

That’s it. This practice is an addition to the other practices listed in How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship, so use them all, and drop me a line once you’ve settled into your new romantic relationship. I’d love to read lots of success stories. 😉

p.s. If you want to feel better about yourself before you feel you can allow a perfect partner in, try the practice listed in You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For.



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