The Power to Change


I believe that people who are generally sad or angry, worried or disappointed, are people who don’t take full responsibility for their emotions, thoughts and circumstances. We are not victims. We are creators.

It may be your diet. It may be your environment. It may be the company you keep or the lack of exercise you do or the little time in nature you spend. It may be focusing too much on negative news stories. Taking medication with detrimental side effects. It may be not admiting what’s really causing your problems.

It may be that you’re too identified with the way things are to have the courage to change. Whatever the reason, you are in charge of where it goes from here.

Stop justifying why it’s too hard or won’t work; how it needs to be this way, and that’s just the way it is. You’re not a victim. You’re not a child. You and everyone you know have the power to change yourself and your circumstances for the better.

Take even one step in that direction and you’ll see how it’s possible. Build your belief and strengthen your conviction, and watch your life become a joy to live.



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