How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship


Take a look at your life as it is now and ask yourself: “Is there room in my world as it is for a new romantic relationship?” You may be so used to living a single life that you haven’t left any room in your routine or your home for a new relationship to blossom. What kind of a signal do you think that’s sending out into the universe? You’ve got to remember the Law of Attraction and…


  • Look at your home as if your new romantic partner were coming over to spend the evening with you. Do you have the necessary household items to entertain a guest? Make sure you have enough cutlery & crockery, food & drink, toiletries & towels, music & movies, cushions & blankets, incense & candles, etc. If you have a fire place, make sure you have fuel. If you have a double bed, is it clean, tidy and welcoming? If you don’t have a double bed, why not? Are you living in a place that allows guests? If not, why not? Basically, make an effort. Make adjustments until you can look around your home and feel happy to have guests over, whatever that means for you.


  •  Allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to have the man/woman of your dreams right there with you where you are now, smiling at you, cuddling you, laughing with you, whatever you like. Let the joy of that situation well up in you and shine out into the universe. Let it act as a powerful magnet that can only attract the most fitting circumstances to match those emotions (see Part 2). Do this as often as you like and the Law of Attraction will get a very clear message from you.


  • A great way to meet someone you’ll like (and who’ll like you) is by doing more of the activities that you love, because if you meet someone there, you already have something you enjoy in common; and that’s great place to start.


  • Expanding upon that last point, if the only activities you do besides work are things you do on your own (e.g. reading books, gardening, etc.), try to find groups in which you can share that interest (e.g. Book Clubs, community allotments). You could register with a website like and join groups that interest you. There are loads of people out there in the same boat, who are more than happy to meet up and go to the cinema or the theatre or a gig or whatever.


  • If it has been a while since you’ve had a romantic relationship, you may begin to fixate on the fact that you’re unintentionally single. Like the excitement at imagining your new partner being here now, fixating on being single also sends out a powerful magnetic message to the universe that will attract the most harmonious circumstances for you: namely, you won’t have access to a partner because your mind is set on not having one. Relax and Enjoy what is here now, knowing that the right person is getting ready for you just as you are getting ready for them, and they will be here as soon as you’re both ready.

Have fun. You’re lovely, and they’re on their way. 🙂



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