Pain Without Suffering


Let’s look at the phrase “I am in pain.”

• I am in pain.
• I can be found within pain.
• In order for me to exist, pain must exist.
• Without pain, I will not exist.

This belief, this identification with form (in this case Pain), causes and prolongs suffering. The ego wants to exist more than it wants to be happy, and it can only exist when you identify with form (which is transient), a completely unstable foundation for your identity to be built upon; which is why the ego uses identification with thought forms to keep you from being fully aware of the present moment, the moment of Now in which suffering does not exist. In the Now, there is only the awareness of being.

The ego uses thoughts like:
“Remember you’re in pain.”
“Even if you feel free of pain now, you’ll probably be in pain again any minute.”
“Think of all those things you probably won’t be able to do because you’ll be in pain.”

It’s all a trick of the mind. The ego only exists when you’re thinking, but you can exist without thinking (as pure awareness), and pain can be experienced without suffering (with pure awareness).

Rather than identifying yourself as “I am this.” or “I am that.” Identify yourself with the absolute awareness of pure being, “I am.” That is the only unchanging state, and it is one of peace and love and contentment. That is your true self.

Try it right now and see what happens. Let go of your attachment to every identification other than “I am.”


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