A Conversation between the Mind and the Intuition

conversation“Feelings,” scoffs the mind. “What do they know about anything? Thoughts are where it’s at. Just think about it: organising, labeling  calculating, getting things done, doing things right. There is a right way, you know. The way we’ve learned. Remember.”

Intuition says: “This is here and now and this is what is aligned with you. Can you feel it? The flow. The push, and pull, of the current of energy. This is the only now that is here; and it is perfectly suited to you. And I will tell you how to stay for the best of it and leave the rest of it. Be quiet for a moment and let the moment speak to you.”



    • I find that there’s usually a trend of experience and realisation within my circle of friends, and then there are also things like Astrology and Numerology to consider, which can affect the human race en masse. It’s no accident that we find ourselves among people with similar thoughts/experience. 🙂

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