The Wisdom of the Labyrinth

ImageI went along to the Buddha Bag Meeting last night, partly because there has always been something about Labyrinths that I’ve found intriguing, but mostly (I thought) because I wanted to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen since Christmas (and the passing on of my sister, Gina). As I settled in to the workshop, I found myself become more and more drawn in to the magical myths surrounding the power of ancient labyrinths to heal the land and clear the mind; but it wasn’t until we got to walk the labyrinth (shown above) that I felt the effects for myself.

Guided by our facilitator, Tony Christie, I set an intention to receive guidance and wisdom along my journey through the labyrinth; and as soon as I set foot onto the canvas, I felt a very definite shift in my energy. I became more peaceful and present, and as I tuned in to the energy I had become immersed in, I found myself at times moving more slowly or quickly or even stopping in my tracks. I was sharing the labyrinth with a dozen other participants and as I journeyed, I received insights relating to my own journey in life.

Here is what I learned:

  • Stay focused on your own path. If you try to focus on another’s path, you will overbalance.
  • There may be times when it seems like you are going backwards, but you are actually still going forward.
  • It may seem to be taking a lot longer to arrive at your destination, but you are on the right path. You cannot but be on the right path and you will eventually get there.
  • At times, you may need to steady yourself before you can move in a different direction. Take that time.
  • At other times, you may be propelled in a new direction with ease and effortless grace.
  • You can enjoy encounters with other people as they pass through your experience, and for a time, you may seem to be walking a parallel path with someone, but your path is your own, at the end of the day; and everyone will get there in their own time.
  • You may need to adjust yourself to get past certain obstacles (or people) on your journey.
  • You’ll get there.


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