The power of not giving a fuck

19It is possible to invest too much in other people, to care too much about what they might think and feel; so much so that you can barely move without taking them into consideration. It’s not healthy, and it comes from an attachment to them which is based in a fear of losing a source of love.

They are not your source of love, so stop treating them that way. They might leave your life at any moment, and where will you be then? How much love will you let yourself feel then?

You need to realise that you are perfect exactly as you are in every moment and there is nothing that you can do to make yourself appear better in another’s eyes. The most you can do is to aim yourself in the general direction of what you believe they like in that moment and hope it elicits the reaction you’ve deemed necessary for you to allow yourself to be happy; but if that requires you to go against your true nature and they still don’t react favorably to it, please consider just being yourself. They may actually prefer your genuine self, and if they don’t, or if they prefer someone else instead, why are you wasting your time having a relationship with them?

There are plenty more fish in the sea (billions, in fact) and the sooner you make space for new friends and lovers, the sooner they can come in. Find out what is important for you, and honour that. Be brave enough to be true to yourself, and the world will honour you for it.





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