The Path of No Path

Wishes come true on the path of no path.

Recently, a lot of people’s lives went through dramatic and sometimes drastic changes. Mine did.

Wherever you are now, it’s okay. Life has many blessings to bestow upon us all.

I’m now walking a path of no path, where my intuition guides me more than my plans, and serendipity rewards me for trusting and honouring my inner guidance. You can too. All you have to do is drop the need for such control over your life, and allow in all the wonderful gifts you’ve been asking for, for years. The universe knows the best way to bring them too you – a way more magical and unexpected than simply working hard for something. That’s a different kind of reward. What I’m talking about are surprise gifts, and because they’re unexpected, your sense of gratitude is increased exponentially.

All it takes is silence of heart and stillness of mind, and the ability to tune in to the flow of energy, to listen for words of wisdom and to follow the guidance you receive, without hesitation or second guessing.

Sometimes you will be guided outside of your comfort zone, but you will be rewarded for this bravery with amazing experiences and encounters beyond your wildest imagination. I’m telling you this from experience. Honouring the guidance I have received by following where it led has consistently led me to beneficial experiences that are answers to my prayers. Even when it seems like I’ve caused trouble for either myself or another, these curses are really blessings, and it’s only a matter of time before I’ve seen them as such.

One trick I have learned along the way is knowing that I am loved. I learned it from Philena Bruce’s book “Know That You Are Loved”. More specifically from an exercise in the book, which I will paraphrase here now:

Whether you are standing, sitting or lying right now, feel the support that the ground, chair or bed, etc. is providing for you. Take a moment to really feel it, and relax your body so that you are more fully trusting of the support you are being given. Rest here awhile, and while you rest, begin to feel the unconditional love that this support structure is sharing with you.

This love is here always, and you can feel it from all of the objects that surround you wherever you go. Feel the love your clothes have for you, providing you with protection from the elements. You’re wearing a hug of love. Feel the support of the trees that clean the air for you, the transport that gets you from one place to another, the kitchen utensils and bathroom fittings and mobile phones and home computers, all the modern conveniences of life – unconditional love is all around you every day. Don’t worry about the love of humans because sometimes they don’t know how; and the more you feel loved, the more humans will show you love anyway, and the more love you can show them also.

Know that you are loved. Feel it. Trust it, and know that the universe loves you too; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You are a gift to the divine, which gets to experience life through you in each moment of your unique interaction with this physical world of mental emotions. I jest because I like to play with words, but I am serious in what I say.

You can make plans all you like, but if, like me, you have decided to open up and let the universe deliver your good intentions to you and others in the most beautifully orchestrated ways possible, you will enjoy walking a path of no path and receiving the many surprise gifts along the way. The choice to listen and trust is yours.

First published in the winter 2012 issue of Positive Life magazine.



  1. […] As soon as I made space in my life, by letting go of what was no longer working, I was blessed with gifts of wonderful new friendships and I was literally pulled across a crowded room (by my intuition) to a woman I’d never met before – a woman who has since become my girlfriend – and I’m blown away by how well things can work out when you trust your intuition, and honour the serendipity that shows up in your life by following where it leads. I wrote about this very phenomenon in my last article, The Path of No Path. […]

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