New Year, New Life!

ImageAs I look back on my life in 2012, there’s probably nothing more significant than the amicable break-up of my marriage. After 3 years of trying to find a way that our love for each other could overcome our incompatibility, my dear friend Evi and I decided to transform (not end) our relationship to one that allowed us both to be fuller and more fulfilled incarnations of our unique selves. The marriage ended, and we no longer live together and are taking time apart from each other for awhile, but we love each other just as much as we always have, and I hope we can enjoy hanging out as friends while dating other lovers in the not too distant future.

As soon as I made space in my life, by letting go of what was no longer working, I was blessed with gifts of wonderful new friendships and I was literally pulled across a crowded room (by my intuition) to a woman I’d never met before – a woman who has since become my girlfriend – and I’m blown away by how well things can work out when you trust your intuition, and honour the serendipity that shows up in your life by following where it leads. I wrote about this very phenomenon in my last article, The Path of No Path.

I’ve also learned a lot about relationships, in that, I now know for certain that really fulfilling relationships can come out of the blue at the drop of a hat, and that amicable break-ups are indeed possible. All of this has led me to have a new outlook on my current romantic relationship. While I’m open to the possibility of it continuing long-term, I’m also open to the possibility of it ending amicably whenever it’s run its natural course – the cycle of growth and decay that exists on many levels of existence. This cycle can last anywhere from one moment to many lifetimes, and I’m happy to journey with it for as long as it lasts and then move on to the next journey. This relates to careers, friendships, places of residence, and more.

Career-wise, I left my job as the editor of Positive Life magazine in order to explore Film-making and other pursuits, but the new editor didn’t work out and I was also missing many aspects of the job, so I ended up rejoining the fantastic team after a 2 issue hiatus  A decision I’m so happy about, as I absolutely LOVE working on this fabulous publication. It’s such a gift to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life.

You can scroll through my older blog posts to find more memorable moments worth mentioning, but for now, I’ll simply say that I’ve continued to move towards a more accurate expression of my self, and my True Self. I’m excited by my life now, and the life I have yet to live (as can be known in this temporal reality).

Whatever didn’t work for you in 2012, let it go and leave it behind. Whatever worked out well, build on it in 2013 and have your best year yet.




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