Social Inspiration

More and more, I feel like a mirror for those around me. I find myself saying things “out of character” with my idea of myself; things I hadn’t planned on saying, and that weren’t a part of my thought process; things that suddenly appear in my voice box and bypass the brain-mouth checkpoint. These reactions feel like a reflection of the inner world of who I’m with. My empathy is heightened and I feel propelled into it.

Sometimes, my impulse is to simply listening (even when I would like to speak), holding space for something that needs to be heard, that needs to be witnessed.

I also get the physical equivalent of this; only those impulses are easier to stop before they become realised – things like putting my hand on the back of a stranger’s heart. I’d like to be more free with that kind of tender touch, but I still worry that the person may react badly; eventhough my belief and my experience of when I do trust that guidance is that it’s truly beneficial.

This is much easier with friends than strangers, although, on the flip side, the comments can be more scary express to friends.

It feels divine to be a clear reactive-reflection of those I interact with, and my goal is to become more and more clear by energetically, mentally and emotionally cleaning my mirror’s surface through self-work.

It’s an exciting and scary role to play in people’s lives. One I hope to have more courage to embrace from now on.

How much do you trust your social inspiration?


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