Spiralling out of Control


I realised, today, that I’ve become caught in a downward spiral of negative thoughts and emotions, and I’m reminded of the fact that it’s easier to continue in the direction you are going than it is to change the direction of your thoughts and feelings. This is why keeping a Gratitude Journal is such a powerful practice, if practiced regularly. You generate a series of positive thoughts and feelings and it is then easier to continue down the path of good feeling thoughts than it is to change direction and move towards unpleasant feelings and thoughts.

At some point, in the last while, I stopped focusing on the positive, and allowed myself to look at the negative situations in the world, and in my own life; and it seems as if that shift in focus has spiralled out of control, in that it has become habitual and no longer requires a conscious effort.

Habit is a huge factor in how easy it is for you to go in a certain direction. If you have a habit of thinking the worst, or a habit of not working on your self-development, for example, it may take quite a bit of will power to keep up the practice of a Gratitude Journal for long enough that it becomes a habit. So, hopefully, the fact that I have so much experience with focusing on the positive, it shouldn’t take too long for me to get back in to an attitude of gratitude.

God, realisations are great! 🙂



  1. yes they are great, I’ve had a similar experience this week Patrick and it is scary how things didn’t flow looking at the negative. Back to positive habits but at the same time acknowledging my feelings of fear and hopefully they flow away. Sometimes I can bring myself to the present where there is no fear but yet there are things to fear. But there’s not!

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