Rescue Remedy

A few nights ago, I heard a cat crying in our front garden. I went out to have a look but couldn’t see anything, and the crying had stopped, so I assumed it had run away. The next night I heard it crying again, only louder and more desperate. I looked out our front window and saw a neighbourhood Tom Cat sitting in our garden looking towards the source of the noise. I got a torch and went out to find it and see if I could help. When I opened the front door, the Tom Cat ran away, and there, hiding on an old bin tucked away in the bushes between our garden and our neighbours garden, was a tiny black kitten. All eyes, filled with fear and uncertainty.

I went inside to tell my wife, Evi, and put some gloves on. Evi remembered some cat food we still had from feeding a friendly neighbourhood stray sometime last year. She put some on a saucer and it coaxed the kitten out from her hiding place for long enough that I could pick her up and bring her inside, where we let her finish the food, and proceeded to research the best way to look after a stray kitten.

The main thing, at first, was to make somewhere warm for her to rest  – to gently heat her up after being out in the cold – and to give her space so that she could feel calm – while at the same time being available. Most of these insights came from a fantastic little video tutorial our friend Nick made.

Our hearts totally opened to her, and this may be why she grew to trust us so quickly and soon took to curling up on our laps to sleep. Love is very healing, and not just for little kittens, but also for fully grown adults who themselves may need a bit of rescuing from time to time. Having this tiny ball of fur and claws depending on me has filled my heart to overflowing.

We’ve had her for a few days now, and she’s slept in bed with us a few times – curling up on the pillow snuggled into my hair, tucked in between my limbs or on Evi’s chest or tummy. We had a look for ‘missing kitten’ posters, but none fit the bill, and when we took her to the vet today, her first reaction to him made him declare, “Yep. She’s feral all right.” So, we made the surprisingly emotional decision to look after her from here on out as the newest member of our household and family.

“Mystique, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Mystique.”

The next time you feel the need for a little rescuing, the remedy might well show up on your doorstep with the gift of showing you how much love you already have inside of you, just waiting to flow forth. ♥


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