Frozen in Time

Here’s another nugget from my notes about ‘Identity’ which I didn’t have room for in my article of the same name:

… The story that we make up about a person’s character can become frozen in time until new information is added to your picture of them. Being away from you for any length of time, people can change dramatically, but how are you to know unless someone tells you or you experience it for yourself.

We can hold on to grudges for a lot longer than is healthy, and the people on the other end of your grudge may have moved on long ago. They may have even passed on. So, the only person you’re affecting by holding on to this grudge is yourself. This baggage can get in the way of your moving along new pathways of opportunity. The same could be said for holiday romances, except they generally carry pleasant thoughts and feelings along with them. …

The finished article can be found in the Summer issue of Positive Life magazine, out in June.


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