Identity Crisis

A lot has been shifting and changing in my personal life since I last posted on this blog. I’ve just finished writing an article about Identity for Positive Life magazine. Below is some text that didn’t make it into the finished edit because of space restrictions, yet is still worth sharing with all who may be interested:

I have played with identity a lot, over the years, through acting and writing and personal development, and one of the more interesting things I noticed happened when, for a brief period, I used a stage name. It was a requirement of an acting database which already had a Patrick Bridgman (no E) registered, and who decided there shouldn’t be two actors with such similar names on their database; so I signed up as Patrick Goldman. Quite soon afterwards, a lot of acting roles came my way – more than seemed usual for any of the actors I was friends with. It seemed I was on a roll, but it wasn’t me, it was Patrick Goldman – a man with whom I hadn’t attached any of the limiting beliefs I had attached to Patrick Bridgeman. A change of identity freed me from the self-sabotaging habits I’d been picking up over the course of my life, to what extent I didn’t get to fully explore, as ‘he’ was then replaced by ‘Patrick Bridgeman: Filmmaker.’

This filmmaker identity came into being in March/April of this year, and drew me back into the world of ‘story as identity.’ It was an enjoyable but exhausting time, as I was also acting in other people’s films and getting very little rest or stillness of mind. Then, just as I was once again fully immersed in the illusion of my life story, it all came tumbling down, in ways and by forces seemingly (but not really) out of my control.

The finished article can be found in the Summer issue of Positive Life magazine, out in June.



  1. Hello, Patrick Bridgeman!

    This is your non-e namesake.
    I’m glad to hear that my existence, on that film database at least, led to a successful alter ego in Mr Goldman.
    I may have to try it myself…
    Your website and posts are very interesting.

    Best wishes from Yorkshire, England

    • Wow. What a treat to be contacted by my non-e namesake. 🙂

      I’m glad you like this post, brought to the world with the assistance of your existence. 😉

      I wish you loads of success and I hope you have a great time with whatever name you choose to go by. 🙂

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