You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For

Here is an exercise I made up some years ago to help me get through a period of insecurity and feel better about myself. It worked for me, so I’d love to share it with you.

My advice is to finish each step before moving on to the next:

  1. Write a LIST of the people you’ve admired, desired and enjoyed being around.
  2. Beside each of their names, write down the QUALITIES these people have/had that you admired, desired and enjoyed being around. You may notice a pattern.
  3. Take a moment and REALISE that you yourself have all of the qualities that you have just attached to other people, some of which you may have not yet fully embraced within yourself or experienced through action. If realising it is too much of a stretch for you at this point, simply tell yourself that all of these qualities are within you somewhere.
  4. Pick a quality from the list that you feel you HAVE embraced within yourself and experienced through action, e.g. playful. On a new page, write, “I am…” followed by the quality you have chosen, e.g. “I am playful.” While looking at your reflection* in a mirror, say to yourself, “I am playful.” Take a moment to remember what it feels like to be playful. Let the feeling swell up until it completely fills your body.
  5. Move onto the next quality in the list and REPEAT the process described in Step 4.
  6. Feel free to add any other qualities that come to mind to the list. You’ll end up with a page full of your best qualities. This is your affirmation list. USE this list everyday, if possible while looking at your reflection. You’ll find yourself becoming much more self-confident and self-possessed, and your interactions with others and the opportunities presented to you in your life will reflect that.

* For me, the idea behind looking at my reflection while saying my affirmations was to create a positive habitual reaction to catching glimpses of my reflection during my everyday life. My favourite method was looking at the reflection in my bedroom window when the light was on inside but it was dark outside, as my reflection was semi-transparent, which reminded me of my spiritual essence.  🙂


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