Riding the Wave of Life

I’ve often heard and used the phrase, “Go with the flow,” and I like it very much, but I’m starting to think that it’s too passive for how I’m feeling at the moment. So, instead, I am adopting the phrase, “Ride the wave.” It’s a more proactive way of going with the flow. You are still allowing yourself to be carried along by the flow of life, but like a surfer doing tricks on the crest of a wave, you have control over how you interact with that flow.

Practices such as visualization and keeping a gratitude journal are ways of interacting more proactively with the flow of life.



  1. yes ‘only dead fish go with the flow’
    nice picture Patrick
    Did you see the little animation we did which built on the article I did for Positive Life
    check out ‘Surfing the Waves of Change’ on You Tube

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