I found myself getting annoyed when a close friend brought up certain topics that I felt she had issues with. She asked me why I was getting so annoyed, and it got me thinking, which helped me to realise that what she was talking about reminded me of unresolved issues from my own life – internal conflicts that I haven’t yet made peace with. I was focused on the issues I felt she had, which kept me from seeing that it was me who had issues.

It’s good to know. I’m going to pay attention to what has been highlighted, focus on developing a deeper understanding of the inner conflict and hopefully put it to rest in peace once and for all.

All outer circumstances are a reflection of the inner conditions of our mind. We attract earthly reminders of what is still active in our energy field – even deeply buried traumas that we may not want be conscious of. I know now that they won’t stay buried forever, so it’s better to face them when you feel up to it. I feel up to it now.

It’s time.

I got a sudden tickly cough while writing this, out of the blue, which I believe is a sign that something is shifting in my communication centre. It’s nice to admit that I’m still a work-in-progress. 🙂


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