Electricity Detox

20120118-113334.jpgMy wife and I recently had an electricity free day. We switched off our smart phones, unplugged the computers and the wi-fi box, and used candles instead of electric lights. Luckily we have a gas cooker for making food, plus gas central heating, but I built an open fire rather than turning the radiators on.

It was a beautiful experience. We talked and played games and she taught me some guitar chords and we fell into deep healing sleeps in the living room. I hadn’t realised how buzzy the energy of electricity is until we removed ourselves from it for many hours. We left the fridge plugged in, but didn’t spend much time around it.

It was so peaceful. The effect that electrical fields have on our living/working space was most evident when I had to turn my desktop computer on again. It felt like charging up a nuclear reactor, and I had to switch it off immediately. I decided the work could wait until the next day, and since then, I’ve been limiting the amount of electrical appliances I have on all at once and for prolonged periods of time.

One of Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is to spend time everyday in nature, and I’m pretty sure it is an idea in harmony with the Electricity Detox.


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