Rigid Rules and Flexible Feelings

It can be helpful to have guidelines for novices to quickly learn tried and tested practices such as healing modalities, exercise routines or diets, but it’s very important to communicate with your body, mind and spirit for the sake of doing what works best for your unique incarnation in this particular moment as opposed to any other.

Sometimes what is best for you in the moment is not what is recommended for you in general; it just happens to be exactly what you need right now. That is why, although I aim to have a healthy lifestyle, I allow myself indulgences when it feels right for me to do so. A piece of cake or a glass of wine can be the healthier option in a stressful situation if they help you to relax and feel better.

This idea can also be applied to healing or teaching or creative work. In fact, it is an integral part of each of those process – the ability to change direction or evolve as needed. Don’t be afraid to do something new if the impulse to do it seems to come from your higher self and feels right in the moment. Take a leap of faith and bring something new into existence. 🙂


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