Deep Healing Sleeps

For many years now, I’ve been consciously trying to clear blocks from my energy and dramas from my life that make it more difficult for me to have a clear awareness of my connection with our divine self. I’ve practiced meditation, studied many healing modalities and attended plenty of weekend workshops. And it was during one of these healing weekends that I jokingly asked my non-physical guides if all my big healings could happen during my sleep from then on. I thought nothing more of it until I noticed the increase in deep healing sleeps I started to have, and have continue to have right up until and including last night. It’s brilliant!

And it’s not just restricted to bedtime. At times, while going about my day-to-day business, I’ll suddenly feel a deep healing sleep descending upon me quite rapidly. So suddenly, in fact, that all I can do is lie down where I am (which thankfully has always been in my own home on a sofa or bed) and let it happen. It’s like my higher self is making sure my ego gets out-of-the-way while the healing work is happening. No probing process or tough therapy, just an intention to heal that calls forth these deep healing sleeps.

They say be careful what you wish for, but this is one wish I’m very glad I made. 🙂


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