NRLs – Nice Little Reminders

Memory may be cyclical, because I keep forgetting then remembering enlightening life truths. Mostly, these realisations have come through personal experience, but the reminders generally come from lovely little spiritual quotes that other contemplators have shared.

For example, today I came across these words from Louise L. Hay, “There’s what you want and there’s what you think you deserve – and you always create the latter.” She also wrote, “When you feel your true worth, you attract loving people, rewarding work and general wellbeing.”

This inspires me because I know that we are never not worthy, or to avoid the use of double negatives – we are always worthy! You are succeeding at fulfilling the purpose of Life simply by existing, and because we are all unique, you are an invaluable addition to Life.

Congratulations on being brilliant! 🙂


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