Happy New Year!

As the sun sets on 2011, I wonder how the energy of expectation is going to effect our experiences over the coming year. So many people believe that big shifts are on their way. Some think the end of the world is nigh. Others think that a whole new world is being born from the ashes of the old one. And still others don’t believe in any of that “mumbo jumbo” and think that it’s just business as usual.

What do you believe? Your opinion matters because your expectation has an energetic charge to it that will attract more of what you’re focusing on into your personal experience. And if enough of us share a common expectation, we will share a collective experience.

Luckily, you now have the awareness to guide your thoughts and focus your expectations on something worth looking forward to.

Choose 1 reality that you would like to see becoming real in 2012, then take as long as it takes to imagine being ‘in’ that reality in all its sensory glory and in real-time as if you are there now. Revel in it and know that it is on its way into your real life experience.

Happy New Year! 🙂


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