Awareness & Insight

In our purest state, we are awareness; but our awareness of this state is rarely pure. Usually, we perceive through filters of “I am…”, “This is…” and “The story so far…” We also tend to listen to the commentary of the ego and pay heed to its advice. However, if you were to let go of all of that, and focus your attention on what’s actually happening here and now, you would come to know your self in the way that you truly are.

Try this:
For as long as you like, perceive the things around you without putting labels on them – just look, listen, taste, touch, feel and be. Every time your mind goes to put a label on something, let the words pass through you without sticking to your perception, and keep on perceiving the experience in its pure form. This will free the moment from your “story,” and allow a peace and presence to blossom in you. Try it now, if you like.

With this peace and presence comes an increased awareness of what’s going on behind the scenes. If you pay close enough attention, you can catch glimpses of the inner workings of life and the nature of reality. You will see beyond the veil, and be able to use this knowledge to improve your quality of life. 

Channelling is simply being aware of the more subtle aspects of existence, and consciously allowing non-physical energies and intelligences to flow through you. The more clear your channel, the more clear will be the insights you allow through. They can come as information, guidance or impulse. I channel when I’m dancing, painting and writing. I channel very consciously when I’m facilitating a healing session for a friend or a client. I even had an out-of-body experience when I was acting on stage many years ago – for about 30 seconds, I was standing behind myself, watching myself perform in a different way than I’d rehearsed. It worked. It flowed. And then I was back in my body, performing as normal.

Projection is the opposite of channelling – making up stories about what’s happening and how people feel, coloured by our own, often misguided, beliefs. In the Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City is ruled by the great and powerful Oz – who is actually an illusion created by a scared little man behind a curtain. In the same way, we can be ruled by the illusions of the ego. But if we do pay attention to the man behind the curtain, we can choose how to respond to his suggestions, instead of reacting like Pavlov’s dogs to a bell.

It can be quite tricky to distinguish between that which you are channelling and that which you are projecting; but with practice, it can be done. The previous exercise will help with that, and so will the following one.

Try this:
Follow these words as they enter your eyes. Where do they go? Let your awareness recede back into your head to make space for them. Once they have gone inside, feel free to close your eyes to help you focus on the inner part of the journey. What direction do they take? How far do they go? Where do they end up? You can also follow sounds or other sensations if you find that works better for you. Try it now, and see what happens.

Perceiving purely on the outside or the inside will take us to the same place – an understanding and experience of our true self. It is true that we are all One, but this One is made up of two parts – awareness and creation. There is a whole universe inside of you, ready to be birthed through your experience. Practice awareness and conscious creation, and get to know your self for real.

First published in the Winter 2011 issue of Positive Life magazine.


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