Something Old, Something New

My good friend Kevin Curtis has written an inspiring article about Neuroplasticity for Positive Life magazine. It has really helped me to go outside of my comfort zone for the sake of cracking the lock on my brain in order to break old habits that no longer serve me and make new habits which are more in tune with my new self.

If you want to shake things up in your life, do something new. It’s like an espresso for the brain, waking it up and making it realise it still has the power to change.

I’ve recently started attending a contemporary dance class, which is something I’d been afraid of doing for years because I felt I was too old – being in my 30s. Of course, the part of me that was afraid of something new tried its best to sabotage me. I forgot to attend the first 2 classes, then when I actually made it to class on the third week, I didn’t even get to the top floor of the dance studio before I had pulled a muscle in my back – totally psychosomatic.

When I mentioned this to Kevin, he said that back injuries relate to a fear of moving forward in life, leaving the past behind us. That makes total sense. However, I was determined to attend, so on the fourth week, I did some gentle stretching before leaving the house and made my way to a fantastic, challenging and fun class led by an old friend of mine, Jessica Kennedy, from the brilliant dance company Junk Ensemble. And I’ve been every week since.

I’ve also started to be more crafty – in the sense of arts & crafts – leaving my perfectionist tendencies to one side while I get things done. The photo above is of the first of my endeavours.

I wrote a monologue about murder (really not my thing) for a screenwriting competition and I auditioned to play The Dame in a pantomime, for which I had to act like a woman and sing a song. I did them purely because they were far beyond my comfort zone, and the results of this stretching of my make up has led to some amazing energetic changes in me of late.

I seem to be letting go of old, reactive control dramas that don’t really serve me, and coming into my true personal power. My brain and mind now know that I don’t have to continue the way I was going, that I can be someone new. I feel more integrity in my thoughts, feelings and actions. I’m facing the fear of losing friends because I have decided that I shall only bring nurturing habits and relationships with me on the next leg of my journey.

The future feels light and joyous, because that is the choice I have made.


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