A New Beginning

Today I begin again. Today I say farewell to my last issue as the Editor of Positive Life magazine. My path into the future lies in a different direction and, while I am so very grateful for these last 3 years and the opportunity to help get such a positive message out all over Ireland, I am happy to be moving on. I am following my bliss, and at the moment, so much of that is connected to my burgeoning acting career.

Also, I will have more time and space to live a holistic life, as opposed to simply writing about one. I plan to read more of the great spiritual texts, practice Yoga and Meditation on a regular basis, get to know what foods my body responds best to; and a big part of this exploration will be to read back over all of the issues of Positive Life that I’ve worked on, as I know it’s choc-o-bloc with great insights and practical knowledge.

After discussing this transition with my wonderful boss, Paul Congdon, we both like the idea that I’ll still articles write for the magazine. Which is great, because it was my favourite part of the work. That, and our business lunches and dinners. Yummm…

I don’t know where my path will lead (logistically) but I know I will be happy and find success, as I will be going with the flow every step of the way. Hopefully that will include my being able to help people with my writing and energy healing work, and entertaining them as an actor, but all of my doors are open and I’m excited to discover the as yet unknown. 🙂


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