Judgement in Disguise

I have discovered a new facet to my ego: Judgement disguised as Spiritual Wisdom.

Last night, as I was using the spiritual insights I have gathered (from genuinely enlightening life experiences) to judge the actions of another as being ego-driven and not enlightened, I remembered the words of some wise friends and teachers that I’ve met along the way…

Angels don’t condemn. Your higher self doesn’t condemn. Unconditional Love doesn’t condemn. So, if you find yourself condemning someone, you can be sure it is not from a place of genuine Love, rather from a cleverly disguised Ego.

Now that I’ve recognised it, I’ll keep an eye on it. When I think about how I am when I’m facilitating healing sessions, I understand what it feels like to be operating from a genuine place of love. Imagine living the majority of your day tuned in to love…

Wow! I’m excited by the possibility. 🙂


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