The Path of Life

There isn’t so much a Life Path as an endless selection of Life Experiences. A lot of the time, it seems like a path because we are guiding our selection of experiences by incremental changes in our beliefs and preferences. Sometimes, however, we have big shifts in our Mind and, hence, our experience, which many of us then rationalise away as luck or coincidence.

These big jumps can happen as often as you like when you learn how to let them. Have fun with this idea and watch the seed of this belief blossom into a beautiful bouquet of experience. Your life can become as big or small as quickly or slowly as you allow it to be. Simply realise that we can all manifest whatever we focus our mind on, power with the energy of our belief and wallow in the feeling of.

If you see your life as a story, decide what’s going to happen on the next line and in the next chapter. You only need to have the essence of it because your higher self is an even better storyteller than your conscious mind, and it’s ready to write its masterpiece.


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