The Earth Moved

On the day of the Earthquake in Japan, the day the whole Earth moved, myself and quite a few of my energy-sensitive friends became ill. The symptoms were varied but the cause (I feel) was not.

Think about the huge force that must have been needed to shift the whole planet on its axis. The North Pole is no longer the North Pole and the energetic ramifications of that shift are being felt all over the world.

The energy may settle and we’ll soon feel normal again, but I feel this is just the beginning. I imagine that big changes will occur on this planet over the next year or two, and that those who make it through will live in a whole new world of peace and sustainability. I’m not worried, but I am concerned, and I’ll do my best to help us all through this transition period.

The world is always changing, but some shifts are bigger than others, and they are the ones that remind us all that we’re in this life experience together.


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