Electromagnetic Detox – Part 1

There are so many great things to do with a computer and on the internet that even though I spend lots of time sat in front of my desktop working on Positive Life magazine, I continue to sit there checking my emails and Facebook and looking up interesting facts until, before I know it, the entire day has gone and I haven’t even stepped outside into the fresh air and sunlight.

It doesn’t feel good for my health, so, now that the Spring issue of our magazine has gone to print and my work on it is done, I’m going to leave my computer switched off (unless absolutely necessary) for an entire week and spend a lot more time outdoors in nature while the sun shines. I’m also going to leave my mobile phone beside my computer instead of having it strapped to my body everywhere I go.

I’ve entitled this entry “Electromagnetic Detox – Part 1” as I plan to write about the results of this experiment in a week or so when enough time has passed that I would have felt the effects of it.


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