Imaginal Cells

Reading Davie Philip’s article from the upcoming Spring issue of Positive Life magazine, a realisation has been inspired in me. I am an Imaginal Cell.

When a caterpillar has consumed so much that it can’t go on, it hangs from a twig (in a chrysalis) and its body starts to break down into a nutrient goo. This is the time when magical cells that lay dormant up ’til then come to life and start to form together into an entirely new being – a butterfly.

Davie talks about these imaginal cells being “called to action … to create [this] entirely different being,” and that is what I feel like I am – an imaginal cell. Now that Spring has sprung, I find I have a sudden motivation to make changes for the better, not just for myself but for the whole country and the whole planet. I feel like I’m going to play an important part in the reshaping of our world for a more sustainable future, and I finally have the dedication to “go to it”.

I’m not alone, by any means. When I look around at the people I’ve met and the people I know – young and old – I see other imaginal cells doing things that haven’t been done before for the benefit of all. Creative people, intelligent people, courageous people, all coming from a place of love and a call to action.

Planet Butterfly is on its way!


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