Pleasure in Motion

The other night, I attended a fantastic talk at the Buddha Bag Meeting given by Steve Comer and Tammy Verlaan-Ross. The idea was to find more pleasure in your movements and sensations, and your body in general. They say that if something feels light and expansive to you, it is beneficial for you. If it feels heavy and contracting, it is a lie.

This can be seen in dogs and children playing outdoors. They run around for the sheer pleasure of it and at the same time their bodies are getting a great work out. This is something that I want to embrace in my own movements and especially while exercising. I want it to feel fun, flowing and free, instead of tense, rigid and heady.

At the talk, they asked for a volunteer to get up and try out a certain way of walking. I got up, and they told me to walk in my normal way across the room. When I did this, they then asked me to walk in such a way that I turned myself on. Now, because I genuinely want to develop a better relationship with my body, I gave it a go. I took a moment to tune into my body and let feelings of pleasure well up inside it. Then I started to move, slowly and slinkily across the room, to a roar of cheers from the crowd.

After that I was asked to walk in a way that turned the crowd on, but I hadn’t got a clue how to do that so I attempted something that wasn’t nearly as affecting as when I was just trying to please myself. That was the point they were trying to make. Don’t worry about trying to impress someone else, have fun with your own body and don’t be afraid to show it. It is a very attractive quality to witness.

Moving is supposed to be pleasurable. That’s why the act of exercising releases endorphins – the happy hormone. But you don’t need to feel the burn in order to feel the bliss. Start with small movements and find what flows best for you. Then you can build that up to flowing full-body movements that bring feelings of child-like abandon back into your life.


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