Carefully Chosen Thoughts

Last night my friend Ruth asked me, “What would you do if suddenly everyone could read your thoughts?”

“All of them?” I thought, “Even the rude ones and the bizarre ones and the totally inappropriate ones?” Hmmm… Well… I guess I’d choose my thoughts more carefully.

Then I remembered that our thoughts are constantly being listened to by the cosmic field of infinite potential that gives birth to every new experience which manifests in our universe. So, choosing our thoughts carefully is a very good idea. And the easiest way to do that is to spend more time focusing on those things we like and those things we are grateful for. That will bring more of those kinds of experiences in to our lives.

Don’t worry about the ‘other’ thoughts which come and go – let them come and let them go. It’s only when we try to deny them or hold our focus on them that they incarnate in our physical world, but it takes a lot of focusing to do that.

Gratitude and pleasant daydreams are the way to go. 🙂


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