To Stress Or Not To Stress

I have found myself in the middle of some very stressful situations lately, and although I have sometimes become swept up in the drama of what is going on, I have been constantly reminding myself that stress doesn’t help, in fact it makes things worse.

As I learned from my interview with Bruce Lipton, when a person is under stress they shut off their growth, they shut off their immune system and they shut down their conscious processing in deference to doing reactive behaviour, which means you become less intelligent. If a stressful situation is one in which there seems to be more problems than solutions, I don’t see how any of the above reactions to stress could be considered helpful.

Sometimes the stressful situation clearly has nothing to do with us, but because we care for the people embroiled in the hullabaloo, we can take the stress onboard as our own; and there’s no need for that. That’ll just make you less able to help those you care for, and what good is that?

At other times, someone might be directing their stress towards you as if you’re to blame, but the only person responsible for someone’s stress is themselves, and that goes for you and me too.

Now I know from my own experiences of late that the chemicals of stress can flood our bodies so quickly that the decision making process seems to have happened without your consent, but with practice, you will find moments of calm within the madness, and it is during those glimpses of clarity that you can make the decision of which path to continue along.

To stress or not to stress, that is the question.

Choose wisely. 😉


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